Market Image of Science

Techno-science has so much influenced every facet of our existence that most persons now claim that science is synonymous to life; This science revolution has it’s provenance in the early modern period by way of historical itinerary. The various discoveries, inventions and breakthroughs of Techn-science eloquently lend credence to this. In every sector of the world we see Techno-science at play; In the area of communication for instance, which is the main title of this site…People no longer need to see themselves in persons before they communicate with themselves; at one end, as at now, information and knowledge about concepts and Otherwise can be gotten at the click of a button, the world view of people have been scientificized. Virtually everything is now predicted with the concept “scientific”. As a matter of , education is not education until it’s scientific, religion is no religion until it is scientific,a culture is not civilize until it is strewn with scientific elements or ideologies; This was the temple o the submission of the cultural critic Matthew Arnold to the effect that civilization is the humanization of man. Armed with the above achievements, science therefore prides herself as the ultimate authority in the universe and paradigm of the good. In this line of thought, Techno-science has no room for making appeal any other authority other than itself; it is in this light that Adams Smith sees science as the gr antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition

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